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Things You Should Have When Camping

There’s nothing quite like a good camping trip. It’s a way to enjoy the beauty of the natural world and spend some time away from the everyday stress of civilization. But to make your camping trip safe as well as fun, you should always go prepared.

The following camping tools are all must-haves

Water bottle

65rtfgyuchAlways make sure to have water. You can go weeks without food, but not without water. A water purification kit might be a good investment for emergency situations of for when you are near a body of water and want to refill.

First aid kit

A bad cut or a broken arm can get infected and worsen if you don’t treat it properly and promptly. Always carry a first aid kit and make sure it includes sterilized gauze, gauze adhesive, pen or pencil and paper, scissors, antiseptic, elastic bandages, CPR mouth barrier device and plenty of Band-Aids.


You forget how dark it can get out in the wild, especially if you’ve lived in the city or the suburbs your whole life. Always bring a flashlight. Invest in a headlamp if you can and always carry extra batteries and extra bulbs.


Rope can be used for building shelter and in an infinite amount of other ways, especially during worst-case or rescue scenarios. Learn a few basic knots, like the bowline and the square knot, in case you need them.

Fire starters

r5tfdfghbCarry waterproof matches wherever you camp. They’ll ensure you have a fire regardless of the weather and can come in very handy in emergency scenarios.

Self-rescue aids

A rescue whistle and a rescue mirror are always good to have. You can scream for help as much as you want, but out in the wilderness, your voice won’t carry too far, and you’ll soon get tired. A whistle, on the other hand, is far louder than your voice and it carries further. Plus you can whistle a lot longer than you can scream. Rescue mirrors are used to signal planes.

Non-perishable food

Non-perishables are crucial for long trips when you know you’ll be hiking a lot. They give you all the calories you need and keep your load light.


An outdoors GPS device or digital map can be great to have around, but in the wild, they’re not always reliable. There’s nothing like having a good, old’ fashioned compass handy.


5rtffgvhbA good pocket knife will help you cook, build a fire, build a shelter, and do many other things. Remember to cut away from yourself and to keep that blade sharp.

Appropriate clothes

Bring clothes that are suitable for the environment you’re camping in. This is important since the weather can change quickly. Finally, the above camping equipment, camping outdoors would be a great, pleasant experience.